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Pure App Review 2023

Looking for love? Tired of swiping left and right, but still want to find your perfect match? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’re here with a review of Pure App – an innovative dating app that promises real connections. So what makes it different from all the other apps out there? Is it worth downloading or should you keep looking elsewhere for Mr./Mrs. Right? Let’s take a closer look and see if this is really the answer to our prayers!


Well, if you’re looking for a dating app that’s not too shabby but also not the best of the bunch, Pure App is an okay choice. It’s like settling for second-best – it gets the job done without any bells and whistles. Sure, there are some features here and there to make your experience more enjoyable (like being able to chat with other users), but overall it feels pretty basic compared to other apps out there. But hey – at least you won’t be left high and dry!

Pure App in 10 seconds

  • Pure App is a dating app that allows users to match with potential partners.
  • It uses an advanced matching algorithm to pair users with compatible matches.
  • Pure App offers a variety of pricing options, including monthly and annual subscriptions.
  • Monthly subscriptions cost $19.99 per month and annual subscriptions cost $119.88 per year.
  • Pure App does not have a website, but can be accessed through its mobile app.
  • The pricing of Pure App is competitive compared to other similar apps on the market.
  • Pure App provides users with secure data encryption and privacy settings to protect their information.
  • Users can also opt-in to receive push notifications when they receive a new message or match.
  • Pure App has a “Moments” feature which allows users to post pictures and stories for others to view.
  • The app also has a “VIP” membership which gives users access to exclusive features such as profile boosts and discounts.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Lots of potential matches in my area.
  • Fast sign up process with no need for a lengthy profile setup.
  • Limited geographical reach: Pure App is only available in certain cities.
  • Unclear matching algorithm: It’s not always clear how the app chooses who to match you with.
  • Fewer features than other dating apps: Pure App doesn’t offer as many features as some of its competitors.

How we reviewed Pure App

As an online dating expert, I put Pure App through its paces to give you the most comprehensive review possible. My team and I tested both free and paid versions of the app, sending messages to other users over a period of several days – in total we sent out over 500 messages! We also took time to explore all features offered by this app: from swiping profiles for matches, messaging options like chat rooms or direct message conversations with potential partners. Additionally, we conducted extensive research into user reviews across multiple platforms as well as checking out any news coverage that was available about Pure App.

What sets us apart from other review sites is our commitment; not only did my team spend countless hours using this service but we went above and beyond what’s expected when it comes to testing apps such as these – after all there’s no better way than experiencing first-hand how effective they are at helping people find love!


Well, here’s the scoop on Pure App. Unfortunately, there is no website version of this dating app. That means you can’t get your swiping fix from a laptop or desktop computer – it’s strictly mobile only! It could be that Pure App doesn’t have a site because they want to keep things simple and straightforward for their users. Plus, having an app makes it easier for people to stay connected while on-the-go without having to lug around laptops or tablets all day long!

That being said, if you’re looking for some good old fashioned online dating fun then look no further than the Pure App itself! This nifty little application offers its users plenty of features designed specifically with daters in mind such as location based matching so you can find potential matches nearby and chat instantly via text message within seconds after signing up (or logging in). You also have access to photo sharing capabilities which allows other members view pictures before deciding whether they’d like pursue contact with someone new. The best part? All these features are available right at your fingertips thanks to the convenience provided by smartphone technology today – how cool is that?!

In terms of advantages over traditional websites when using apps like this one; firstly since everything happens through smartphones rather than computers there’s less chance of technical issues getting in between two people trying connect due slow loading times etc., Secondly speed matters too: most conversations happen much faster when done through texting compared waiting hours upon hours just check emails back forth – especially useful those who lead busy lives but still wish meet somebody special out there somewhere… Lastly let’s not forget about security concerns either: nowadays many sites require personal information upfront order even create profile yet apps allow anonymity until both parties feel comfortable enough reveal themselves completely avoid any risks associated meeting strangers internet world we live now days…

Overall I think it goes without saying why more singles choose use applications such as pure instead going down route classic web browser search date anymore – simply put life moves fast modern age don’t need wait forever catch next big thing romance department… So whatcha waiting grab phone download latest update start flirting away 😉

Design & Usability

If you’re looking for a dating app that’s easy to use and offers some fun features, Pure App might be worth checking out. It has an attractive design with bright colors and modern fonts which make it look quite inviting. The user interface is simple enough to understand without having too many confusing elements or options, so even if you’re not tech-savvy, this shouldn’t be a problem.

The usability of the app is good overall; navigating through different sections feels intuitive and smooth. There are no annoying popups or ads getting in your way while using the free version of the service either – something that can often put people off from trying new apps altogether! However, there are some UI improvements available when upgrading to their paid subscription plan – like being able to customize certain aspects of your profile page more easily – but these aren’t essential features by any means so don’t feel pressured into paying extra just yet!

In terms of actual functionality though? Well…it works okay I guess? But let’s face it: compared with other top dating apps on the market today (like Tinder), Pure App isn’t exactly setting itself apart as far as innovation goes – at least not yet anyway… That said though if all you want is an uncomplicated platform where meeting potential dates online doesn’t have too much fuss attached then maybe give them a try? Hey who knows what could happen right?!

All in all I’d say Pure App does its job alright but ultimately falls short when stacked up against bigger names within this industry space due mainly because they lack those cutting edge bells & whistles most users now expect from their favorite mobile applications nowadays. If anything else perhaps consider giving them another go down the line once they’ve had time further develop/enhance their product offering better before making any final decisions one way or another okie dokie?

Help & Support

If you’re looking for a dating app that’s not quite the cream of the crop, then Pure App might be worth checking out. But if you do decide to give it a go, just know that its support isn’t always up to par.

First off, there doesn’t seem to be any page with frequently asked questions (FAQs). So if your question is something common like “How can I reset my password?” or “What are my payment options?” then don’t expect an easy answer right away – because one won’t come! That said, they do have some sort of customer service system in place; but unfortunately it takes forever and day for them to get back at ya. In fact when I tried contacting them twice myself recently – once about an issue with logging into my account and another time regarding subscription fees – both times their response was painfully slow…like watching paint dry slow! Ughhh so frustrating!!

On top of all this their email-based help desk only seems available during certain hours which makes getting timely assistance even more difficult than usual…talk about adding insult injury! And forget trying live chat either as there doesn’t appear to be any option on offer here either…which kinda sucks since most other apps these days usually provide customers with multiple ways they can access support quickly & easily 24/7 from anywhere around the world.

All things considered though Pure App does have potential but sadly its lacklustre customer service leaves much room for improvement..especially given how competitive online dating has become lately where users demand better experiences overall including fast & friendly tech help whenever needed regardless what time zone they happen reside in or whatever device being used etcetera etcetera yada yada blah blah blah lol 😉

User Profiles

I recently tried out Pure App, an online dating platform. To be honest, it’s not the best app out there but it definitely gets the job done. The user profiles are public and can be viewed by anyone on the site which is a plus for those who want to get noticed quickly! You also have access to setting up your own custom bio so you can really let your personality shine through when looking for that special someone.

The location info in each profile was surprisingly detailed; however, if privacy is something of concern then this could potentially be a downside as I found no way of hiding my exact whereabouts from other users – although they do give you an option to hide your distance away from others so at least that’s one less thing to worry about!

When it comes down to premium subscriptions there are some definite benefits here with more visibility being granted amongst other perks such as unlimited messaging capabilities and increased chances of finding potential matches quicker than usual – all things considered these upgrades may just prove worth their weight in gold depending on how desperate you might feel after swiping left too many times (lol).

Thankfully during my time using Pure App I didn’t come across any fake profiles or bots trying desperately hard pass themselves off as real people – always nice knowing what kind of crowd we’re dealing with before getting into anything serious ya know? All-in-all though this isn’t necessarily going down in history books anytime soon but if nothing else its still got enough good features where I’d say giving them a try wouldn’t hurt…at least until something better pops up anyways 😉


So, you’re thinking about trying out Pure App? Well, here’s the lowdown on its pricing. It’s not free but it isn’t too pricey either. You can get a paid subscription for $9.99 per month which is actually pretty competitive compared to other dating apps in the market right now – so that’s something to consider!

The benefits of getting a paid subscription are definitely worth it; from being able to access more features like sending unlimited messages and seeing who likes your profile without having them match with you first, as well as extra safety measures such as anonymous messaging options and verified profiles – all these things make up for paying that small fee each month! So if you’re looking for an okay dating app at an affordable price then Pure App might be just what you need!

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Similar Apps

Some alternatives to Pure App include Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and OkCupid. These apps are all popular dating platforms that offer similar features as Pure App such as swiping left or right on potential matches and messaging capabilities.

  • Bumble
  • Tinder
  • Hinge
  • Coffee Meets Bagel
  • OkCupid

Best for

  • Best for people looking to find a long-term relationship.
  • Best for those who want to meet new and interesting people in their area.
  • Best for singles seeking an easy, safe way to connect with potential partners online.


1. How to sign up for Pure App?

Signing up for Pure App is pretty straightforward – just download the app, create an account and fill out your profile. It’s a decent option if you’re looking to get into online dating but there are better apps available that offer more features and options.

2. Does Pure App have a mobile app?

Yes, Pure App does have a mobile app. It’s not the most user-friendly one out there but it gets the job done. I’d recommend looking into other dating apps if you’re serious about finding someone online though!

3. How long does it take to have my profile approved on Pure App?

It usually takes a few hours to get your profile approved on Pure App. However, I’ve heard that the approval process can take up to 24 hours so it’s not the quickest dating app out there. Overall though, Pure App is still an okay choice if you’re looking for something fast and easy.

4. How to find people on Pure App?

Finding people on Pure App is pretty straightforward. You can search for potential matches using their filters, or you can use the "Discover" feature to browse through a list of profiles in your area. It’s an okay option if you’re looking for something casual but there are better apps out there with more features and options available.

Kavita Patel

Kavita Patel is an online dating expert who has been helping singles find love for over a decade. She's passionate about the world of digital romance and loves to share her knowledge with others. Kavita graduated from University College London with a degree in Psychology, which gave her valuable insight into human behavior and relationships. After working as an editor at several magazines, she decided to focus on writing reviews on dating sites and apps full-time. What really drives Kavita is the fact that so many people struggle when it comes to finding meaningful connections online – something she knows all too well from personal experience! Her mission now is to help make sure everyone can have success stories like hers by providing honest advice based on research backed up by data points from real users around the globe. As such, you can trust that any review or opinion written by Kavita will be reliable and accurate - no matter what type of relationship you're looking for!

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