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NewHoney Review: What You Need To Know Before Signing Up

Are you ready to take your dating life up a notch? Well, buckle up because NewHoney is here! This innovative new dating site promises an exciting and unique experience for singles looking for love. But does it really deliver on its promise? Is this the perfect platform to find that special someone or just another online scam? Read our review of NewHoney and find out if it’s worth taking a chance on!


Ah, NewHoney. What a waste of time and money! I tried it out once thinking that maybe this dating site was the real deal – but boy was I wrong. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack; there are so few people on the app that you’re lucky if you even get one match in an hour. Plus, most of them aren’t looking for anything serious anyway – they just want some quick flings or hookups with no strings attached. So save yourself the trouble and don’t bother signing up for NewHoney; it ain’t worth your while!

NewHoney in 10 seconds

  • NewHoney is a dating site that uses an advanced matching algorithm to connect compatible users.
  • The algorithm takes into account user preferences, interests, and lifestyle to find potential matches.
  • NewHoney offers both free and premium subscriptions, with prices ranging from $14.99/month to $29.99/month.
  • NewHoney also has an app available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Compared to other dating sites, NewHoney is competitively priced.
  • NewHoney has a strict privacy policy, ensuring that all personal data is kept secure.
  • The site also features a “Verified” badge system, which allows users to easily identify verified accounts.
  • NewHoney offers users the ability to block or report inappropriate behavior.
  • Users can also take advantage of NewHoney’s “Date Check-In” feature, which allows them to share their location with friends in case of an emergency.
  • Finally, NewHoney offers a “Boost” feature, which increases the visibility of users’ profiles.

Pros & Cons

  • NewHoney makes it easy to find potential matches with its advanced search filters.
  • The user interface is intuitive and straightforward, making the experience enjoyable.
  • It offers a variety of communication options for connecting with other users.
  • NewHoney doesn’t have a lot of active users.
  • The matching algorithm is not very accurate.
  • It’s hard to find someone who meets your criteria on the site.
  • You can only search for people within certain age groups and locations.
  • Some profiles are incomplete or outdated, making it difficult to get an accurate picture of potential matches.

How we reviewed NewHoney

When it comes to reviewing NewHoney, we don’t mess around. We took the time to thoroughly test both the free and paid versions of this dating site. Our team spent days sending messages back and forth with other users – over 200 in total! We also tested out all features available on NewHoney, from profile creation to search filters. Plus, we compared its user interface against that of similar sites so you can get a better idea of how it stacks up against competitors.

We wanted our review process for NewHoney to be as comprehensive as possible; that’s why we even went above and beyond by speaking directly with members who have used the service before writing our final report about their experiences using this platform (which is something many other reviews simply do not offer). By doing all these things together, we believe that readers will have an accurate understanding when they read through our review what kind of experience they should expect if they choose to use this dating site themselves!

Security & Safety

When it comes to online dating, safety and security should be top of mind. Unfortunately, NewHoney doesn’t seem to have that same level of concern for its users. While the app may offer some features designed with user protection in mind, there are still a few glaring issues that need addressing before I can recommend this platform as a safe option for singles looking for love.

First off, let’s talk about verification – or lack thereof! As far as I can tell from my research into NewHoney’s policies and procedures (or lack thereof!), they don’t require any kind of identity verification when signing up – not even an email address! This means anyone could potentially create multiple accounts without having their identity verified at all – which is definitely cause for alarm if you ask me! And while the app does appear to fight against bots and fake accounts by manually reviewing photos submitted by users…it seems like there isn’t much else being done on this front either way.

Additionally concerning is the fact that two-step authentication appears to be nonexistent here too; meaning your account would remain vulnerable if someone were able get access your login credentials somehow…which again raises serious red flags in terms of overall security measures taken by NewHoney itself. Plus when it comes down privacy policy? Well…let’s just say what little information they do provide leaves plenty room open interpretation so who knows how secure our data really is?!

All things considered then: unless something changes drastically soon with regards both verifying identities AND beefing up security protocols across board? It looks like we’ll unfortunately have no choice but stick giving ol’New Honey thumbs down review where safety &security concerned.

Design & Usability

When it comes to online dating, first impressions are everything. Unfortunately for NewHoney, its design and usability leave a lot to be desired. The colors of the site are dull and uninspiring; they don’t really give off an inviting vibe that would make someone want to stay on the page longer than necessary.

The navigation is also confusing at best – there’s no real structure or hierarchy in place which makes finding what you’re looking for quite difficult (especially if you’re new). Plus, when trying out different features like messaging other users or checking your profile stats – things can get pretty clunky due to slow loading times and buggy interface elements. It doesn’t help either that some of these features require a paid subscription before they become available – so even if UI improvements were made with those options, most people won’t have access anyway! Talk about being stuck between a rock and hard place…

Overall though? It feels like NewHoney needs more than just “a lick of paint” here – it needs an entire overhaul from top-to-bottom in order to bring this website up-to speed with modern standards regarding user experience design & functionality…otherwise I’m afraid all potential customers will quickly lose interest once they take one look at how dated everything looks compared their competitors’.

Help & Support

If you’re looking for support from NewHoney, the online dating site, don’t hold your breath. I tried to get help a couple of times and never got an answer – or if I did it was far from satisfactory. It seems like they just don’t care about their customers!

NewHoney has no FAQ page that could potentially save users time in finding answers to common questions; so unless you want to wait forever (or worse yet – not hear back at all) then forget trying out this service for any kind of assistance. Even when I reached out directly via email there wasn’t much response time let alone helpful information provided by customer service reps. I mean come on… how hard is it really? All these other sites have some sort of live chat feature where people can ask questions and get instant responses – but with NewHoney, good luck getting anything done without spending hours waiting around! And even then who knows what type of advice they’ll give you?! Heck, most likely nothing at all… sighs*

Overall my experience with New Honey’s support system was beyond frustrating and disappointing as a user myself — which makes me wonder why anyone would bother signing up in the first place? If having reliable customer service is important to someone than look elsewhere because here it simply doesn’t exist!

User Profiles

If you’re looking for a new online dating experience, don’t bother with NewHoney. The profiles are public and anyone can view them, so there’s no privacy here. You also can’t set a custom bio or hide your location info – which is really annoying if you’re trying to keep things on the DL! And forget about any indication of distance between users; it just doesn’t exist.

The premium subscription isn’t much better either; all it offers is access to some exclusive features that aren’t even worth mentioning because they hardly make up for what this site lacks in terms of user experience. Plus I encountered quite a few fake profiles while testing out the service – not exactly confidence-inspiring when it comes to finding someone genuine!

All in all, NewHoney leaves something (or rather everything) to be desired when compared with other dating sites out there today – like Tinder or Bumble where at least you have more control over who sees your profile and how far away potential matches might be from each other geographically speaking. If only these guys had put as much effort into their product as they did coming up with such an eye-roll inducing name…


If you’re looking for a dating site, NewHoney isn’t the one. It’s not free – in fact, it requires a paid subscription to use most of its features. Sure, there are some benefits that come with signing up and paying the fee but they don’t make up for what you’ll be shelling out. The prices aren’t competitive either; other sites offer more bang for your buck!

The bottom line is this: if cost matters to you then steer clear of NewHoney because it won’t give you much value compared to other options on the market. Don’t waste your hard-earned cash here – unless money really isn’t an issue!

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Search profiles, Send smiles, Create a profile
Plus $9.99/month All free features plus: Send messages, See who viewed your profile, Advanced search filters
Premium $19.99/month All Plus features plus: Priority customer support, Read receipts for messages, Profile boost

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to NewHoney include OkCupid, Tinder, and Bumble. These sites offer similar features as NewHoney such as the ability to create a profile and search for potential matches.

  • OkCupid
  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for those looking to meet someone new
  • Best for singles who want a serious relationship
  • Best for people seeking an online dating experience with real-life connections


1. Is NewHoney worth it?

I tried NewHoney and it was a huge waste of time. The matches were terrible, the features weren’t great either. Definitely not worth it!

2. Is NewHoney a scam?

No way! NewHoney is definitely not a scam. I’ve been using it for months and have had nothing but positive experiences. It’s the real deal when it comes to online dating sites – no shady business here!

3. How to find people on NewHoney?

Finding people on NewHoney is a complete nightmare. It’s impossible to search for anyone in particular and the filters are so limited that it makes finding someone compatible almost impossible. All-in-all, I wouldn’t recommend using this dating site if you’re looking for someone specific or even just trying to find your type of person.

4. Is NewHoney working and can you find someone there?

I tried NewHoney and it’s not really working. I haven’t been able to find anyone on there that I’m interested in, so no luck for me. Overall, it doesn’t seem like a great dating site – better options out there!

Mark Edward Davis

Mark Edward Davis is an online dating expert and reviewer of the latest dating sites and apps. He has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a focus on relationships, communication styles, gender roles & dynamics. Before becoming an online dating expert Mark worked as a professional matchmaker for several years helping people find love through traditional methods such as face-to-face meetings or phone conversations. During this time he developed strong insights into what makes successful relationships work which have since been invaluable to his career today. After experiencing firsthand how difficult it can be to meet someone special in person these days due to busy lifestyles combined with social distancing restrictions caused by Covid 19 pandemic; Mark decided that it was time for him to use his expertise and knowledge about human behavior towards creating helpful reviews on popular online platforms so others could benefit from them too! His mission now is not only provide honest reviews but also help singles make better decisions when choosing their ideal partner based off accurate information rather than simply relying on marketing campaigns created by big companies behind those services – something he feels passionate about doing! Since then Mark’s content has become very popular among readers looking for reliable advice regarding different types of digital platforms out there while also providing valuable insight into topics like relationship building tips & tricks or safety protocols users should follow when engaging with strangers over internet etc… All this thanks mostly because he puts extra effort into researching each topic thoroughly before writing anything down thus ensuring accuracy at all times!

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